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leather care products //

deep cleanse  

Dynamix deep cleanse is an effective leather cleaner suitable for removing stubborn dirt, grease & grime from all leather types. Its light foaming action safely removes all impurities from the leather surface and its unique pH neutral formula means it is gentle enough to be used regularly.

leather spa  
Our leather spa is a unique high foaming leather cleaner, which is suitable for all types of leather including natural & delicate leathers. The light foam cleans the leather gently & safely. Cleaning with a foam is a more controlled method, as it allows more cleaning time as the foam is not absorbed by the leather as quickly as a standard liquid. This product is also pH neutral.

leather creme 

Leather creme is a pH neutral leather conditioner which is designed to moisturise & protect your leather, safeguarding its long term care by keeping it soft & supple. This premium product has a unique leather aroma giving your leather goods a new leather scent when it's applied. The balanced formula is kind to stitching & can be used on a regular basis.

aqua tech  

Dynamix aqua tech is a pH neutral leather waterproofing conditioner which is designed to moisturise & protect your leather, safeguarding its long-term care by keeping it stain free & supple. This premium product also adds a UV barrier to protect your leather from sun damage & fading. It also has a unique leather aroma giving your leather goods a new leather scent when it's applied. The balanced formula is not only kind to stitching, but is gentle enough to be used regularly. It has the added benefit of not becoming slipper when wet, making it particularly suitable for motorcycle clothing.

leather revive 

Leather revive is a specially formulated oil based conditioner used to soften old, dried out & hard leathers. It's unique penetrating action coats each individual leather fibre with a balanced coating of natural oil, creating a soft & supple texture to the leather. It's perfect for all articles of leather including: shoes, handbags, furniture & equestrian leather.

alcohol cleaner 

Alcohol cleaner is designed to remove surface contaminants from leather, including grease, oil silicones & wax. The alcohol cleaner will remove all contaminants that are soluble in alcohol. It can also be used to prepare the leather for recolouring. Dynamix deep cleanse and leather prep can be used to remove water & solvent based contaminants.

leather prep 

A strong solvent formula designed for removing old & worn leather finishes. This product is really effective when the leather coating is cracking or wearing away & it needs to be easily removed. Removing the coating enhances & softens the feel of the leather & helps newly applied colour bond better.

leather aroma  

Dynamix leather aroma is a unique blend of fragrances, which has been specifically designed to smell like genuine leather. This concentrate formula lasts up to 4 times longer than normal air fresheners & contains effective odour neutralisers. This multi purpose leather fragrance can be used in the home, office, car, boat & aircraft to bring back that real leather scent.

leather repair products //

leather dye 

Dynamix leather dye is a water based high concentrate pigment dye with amazing coverage capability & deep colour pigmentation. It has a built in sealant to ensure colour & rub fastness and is flexible and durable. Dynamix leather dye can be matched to any colour and gives a professional finish every time.

wipe out 

Leather stain remover which removes stains from coated leather surfaces without causing damage to the finished surface. The product is a special blend of mild solvents that together create a unique formula that removes stains quickly & effectively without being too aggressive. Dynamix wipe out Leather stain remover is capable of removing stains from all items of leather such as: furniture, car interior,clothes, shoes, handbags & all other items of leather.

filler lite 

Dynamix filler lite is a liquid based leather repair product designed to fill in surface abrasion & lightly damaged or rough areas. When applied it is partially absorbed by the leather, binding the structure of the fibres together creating a strong repair as well as a smooth one. Using this product extends the lifetime of any leather repair as the tensile strength is increased by its unique bonding properties.

pure putty 

Pure putty is a thick paste leather repair compound used for filling: scuffs,scratches, holes & other surface damage. It has been specifically formulated for areas subject to high levels of wear. Once dry it remains flexible offering a highly durable finish. The filler can be colour tinted to help it blend better before leather dye is later applied.

flexi fill 
This is a viscous leather filler designed for filling cracks & other damaged areas subjected to heavy usage. It is an immensely elastic filler & will never crack or flake out of a repair. Once dry is offers a highly durable finish that can be colour tinted to help it blend in better before leather dye is later applied.

express weld 

Express weld is formulated for filling holes in leather or vinyl where a quick repair is required. It is not designed for areas subject to extreme stretching or stress. For this use flexifill or pureputty. Express weld cures in 40 seconds with the use of a heat gun or iron, By using a grain pad you can also imprint a perfect grain pattern into the weld so that the repair blends in invisibly with the surrounding leather.

leather degreaser 

Dynamix leather degreaser is a thick paste which draws out all oil, sweat & grease stains from leather. Common problems are: head & body grease, food spillage & other oil based stains on upholstery, furniture & clothing. The leather degreaser can also be used to draw out ink & other staining that have soaked into the leather.

ink stik 

Dynamix ink stik is a handy push up ink remover for leather & fabric. It has a gentle cleaning formula which can remove ink if the surface is treated within minutes of spillage. For stubborn ink stains several applications will be required over a few days in order for the stain to come out. 100% effective on ballpoint ink.

flexi fix 

A solvent based flexible leather glue. Dries in only 15 mins & continues to set over 24hrs. This creates a strong durable bond, which will not turn hard or brittle. A versatile glue that can be used in all leather industries as it is suitable for all types of leather repair.

leather finish 

Dynamix leather finish is a water based polyurethane coating designed to seal in leather colour. It is available in matt, satin & gloss - these finishes can also be mixed together allowing you to achieve the exact finish and level you want. This product has excellent rub fastness and scuff resistant properties and dries to a smooth natural feel.

tools & accessories :: 

We stock a full range of tools & accessories to ensure you have everything you need for a smooth & professional leather repair. Please see our section in the navigation bar on the left for further information.


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