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We delve deep in the Dynamix archives and dig out all those burning questions from our previous customers. If you have a query of your own you need answered... Just ask and we'll be delighted to help.

My colour is not listed on your site, how can I get the colour matched?

For all non-stock colours we offer a free colour match service where we can match any colour to a small swatch. We would require something postage stamp size, or bigger. There is normally excess below seats & behind panels of trim. Failing that, you're welcome to send the smallest trim part for us to match, and we'll return by secure post. Simply send sample to us with your full contact details attached.

I'm thinking of changing the colour of my leather.. Is this something I can do with your products?

Certainly...our range of leather repair products are designed to restore leather back to an original finish, even when a colour change is required. The same professional results can be achieved. We have kits specifically designed for colour change.

I have heard water based dyes are best to use on leather. Are the dyes you supply water or spirit based?

Yes, all our dyes are water based, easy to use and come with a built in sealant to ensure colour fastness when their fully dried.

Do I need to dye/recolour the whole seat?

In most cases this is not necessary, however this depends on the overall condition of the seat. If adverse wear/fading has taken place, it may be good practice to restore the complete seat. A thorough cleaning of the leather is always a good start, as this enables you to establish exact what areas require treatment. In most cases a localised repair can be performed, where you can recolour a single panel or number of panels to match the other areas.

Are your products easy to use? Can anyone do this?

Our products all come supplied with full step-by-step instructions on preparation, application and aftercare where applicable. You don't require specialist tools or knowledge to achieve professional results from these as everything you need is supplied by us. Our kits are specifically designed to address certain types of leather wear or damage, and each contains the key components to fix the relevant problem.

I live in the United States, do you ship there?

We ship our products Worldwide, and each order is carefully and securely packed, despatched via a trusted carrier to ensure it arrives in time and in perfect condition.

I think I've ordered the wrong colour, can I return it?

We accept all returns within our 30 Day guarantee, providing the product is in a suitable condition for resale. We are happy to exchange for a similar product, or one of the same value. We only charge return postage on an exchange item. Special order colours however cannot be returned unless faulty.For further details, please check our Terms & Conditions.

I have a very light coloured car interior, and my driver's seat has a blue dye transfer from my jeans. Can you help?

Dynamix wipeout leather stain remover will remove dye transfer for all types of leather.

Do I need to spray the dye on?

The dye can be either sponged or sprayed, depending on which method you prefer. Applying the product with the applicator provided will give you the same results, it will just take longer to do. Spraying will give you a professional finish in a shorter time & this method is normally more economical as dye requires dilution. A combination of both is best as an applicator can work the product well into the leather prior to smooth coats being sprayed on to finish. An airbrush must be used if you wish to apply final protective lacquer of leather finish. This is not mandatory, however it will increase scuff resistance and the overall lifespan of the repair.

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